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To fulfill our mission, the PHA must preserve its aging housing stock through timely maintenance and modernization of its developments. The work is part of the PHA's Capital Fund Plan and is funded by the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) capital grants.

Despite a drop in federal funding, the PHA continues to spend its money wisely and in the best interests of residents. Major upgrades are needed regularly to ensure that heating, plumbing, and other systems continue to function properly, especially since PHA buildings are aging structures. Ongoing renovations to both the interior and exterior of PHA buildings and apartments are needed to keep them structurally sound and in a state of good repair.

Recently completed and work underway include:

  • Fire Sprinkler System Retro-fit at Fogarty, Kennedy and Burns Manor ($2.6M)
  • Storm Door Replacements at St Germain and Burns Manor ($129K)
  • Exterior Masonry Façade Repair at Fogarty Manor ($120K)
  • Concrete Edge Repair at Fogarty Manor ($88K)
  • Community Room Upgrades and ADA Accessibility at Galego Court ($105K)
  • 9 Fully Accessible and 3 Sensory Apartment Upgrades at Galego Court ($586K)
  • Repair to Exterior Stairwells and Installation of Underground Drains at Galego Court ($197K)
  • Walkway, Courtyard and Patio Repairs to 560 Prospect Street ($173K)
  • Installation of Fire Doors, Transmitter Upgrade and Exit Signs at Burns Manor ($151K)
  • Solar Energy Utilization Project at St Germain Manor ($1.344M)


IFB Invitation for Bid for Galego Court Roof Replacement 

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